In addition to new garage doors I also supply and fit a variety of garage door accessories. These can be installed at the same time as the new door or retro-fitted to existing garage doors and garage buildings.

Automatic operating gear


If you struggle to open the garage door or have elderly or disabled relatives an automatic garage door makes for easier access. The convenience of a remotely operated garage door means that you don’t have to get out of the car in unpleasant weather or when it’s dark. The doors are often self-locking so the door shuts and locks itself which is perfect for those who are continually forgetting to lock the garage door. For homes with integrated garages it gives further peace of mind – you can wait in the car until the door shuts and then enter the house.

The automatic operating equipment I normally fit is either the ProMatic or SupraMatic models from Hormann. For more details and specifications please give me a call or visit the Hormann site by clicking here.

Side doors

Make your garage more secure by asking me to fit a new high performance side door. Manufactured of galvanised steel with anti-tamper locks, Hormann side doors are the perfect complement to new or existing garage doors. A large selection of designs and colours are available.

Garage door frames

If you’re buying a new garage door, why not order a matching frame in robust galvanised steel? It won’t rot or warp like a timber frame and will last for several years. Door frames are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours for steel, GRP, sectional or RollMatic doors.

Fascia panels

Ask me about matching fascia panels for the perfect finishing touch to your garage.