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Up-and-over doors are the most popular type of garage door. There are two types:

Canopy – Generally the least expensive type of garage door. Around one-third of the garage door protrudes into the driveway when the door is open.

Fully-retracting – The entire door retracts into the garage, leaving more space in front of the door.


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Scctional Gagage Doors

As the name suggests, sectional garage doors comprise a number of horizontal sections which retract onto overhead tracks when the garage door is opened.

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RollMatic Garage Doors

In a nutshell, RollMatic doors operate in the same way as roller shutters. They lift vertically and roll up and down so again they don’t protrude into the driveway. Unlike other types of garage door, they don’t require tracking, so give you more space inside the garage. Instead they form a compact roll above the garage door opening, so suitable headroom is required.

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Top quality garage doors with a 10 year warranty

The doors I offer are manufactured by the market-leaders, Hormann, who have a reputation for quality, strength, security and ease of operation. All the garage doors I supply carry a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.